Nososco Hypothetical household tool (NoHH)

The tool for showing hypothetical household data is now online. With this tool it is possible to view all of the data created by the Social benefits groups in both a graphical and tabular form. Also, any kind of selectable data can be downloaded for further use.
Link to: Nososco Hypothetical Household tool (NoHH)

Hypothetical Household tool (NoHH)

The tool is named Nososco Hypothetical Household tool (abbreviated NoHH) and provide access to unique data on household income from the Nordic countries. The Nososco working group names “Social benefits group” stands behind the data and the development of the NoHH tool.

The Social benefits group have made calculations based on relevant household sizes and income levels for several years, and now data covering the period of 2007-2022 is available for all Nordic countries who take part in the working group.

For the first time ever, this tool gives complete access to data on i.e., gross income, disposable income, taxation, and rental costs for household types and provide calculations for the level of compensation (called compensation rate) in the event of changes in household income due to i.e., childbirth, unemployment, pensioning and more.

You can read more about the material from the working group here:, and visit the tool on this webpage:

The NoHH tool is also available from the “Data”-section on the frontpage of

The Social benefits group will continue its work on these data and prepare for updating with data for 2023 during this year.