Hospital stays

Only some of the Nordic countries require user charges in the event of hospital stay. Even across countries, that apply user charges for hospital stay there are differences. This section describes these rules in further detail.

Denmark, Faroe Islands & Greenland

No user charges are payable in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.


Patients pay a charge for admission to hospitals and health centres: max EUR 46.00 for an out-patient visit and EUR 54.60 for overnight care in somatic department and EUR 25.10 in psychiatric departments. The charge for rehabilitation is EUR 18.80 per treatment day, and the maximum user charge for day surgery is EUR 150.80 plus EUR 54.60, if the patient must stay overnight. A series of treatment costs EUR 12.80 per visit (max. 45 times per year). Treatment for children under 18 year is free of charge excluding the first seven days in overnight care per calendar year.


The user charge per day for patients who are hospitalized is EUR 50 When the maximum limit has been reached, the user charge is reduced to EUR 15. The maximum limit is EUR 475 for persons between 18 and 64 years, and EUR 100 for persons aged 65 and older and for people with a disability pension.

The user charge per day for persons under the age of
20 is EUR 35. When the maximum limit (EUR 120) has been reached, health care in hospitals is free of charge.

The user charge for day surgery is
EUR 100. For medical rehabilitation the user charge per day is EUR 25. When the maximum limit has been reached, health care is free of charge.

The user charge for long-term care in a hospital is calculated based on the patient's ability to pay.


In-patient hospital treatment is free of charge to all persons that have health insurance in Iceland. In general, a person receives health insurance six months after registering their legal domicile in the National Register. This means that for the first six months, individuals are uninsured and pay full fee for medical services in Iceland. It is possible to avoid the six-month waiting period for individuals from EEA country, United Kingdom, or Switzerland if they were covered by the social security system in the country of previous residence. It is not enough to have been covered by private insurance. See more information at -


In-patient hospital treatment is free of charge to all, but there are user charges for out-patient visits to doctors and specialists and for prescription medicines. Citizens must in general pay for radiology and laboratory tests and for non-emergency transportation. There are some exemptions, for example for people who suffer from chronic diseases, pregnant women and women who have just given birth.


The maximum payment for inpatient (hospital) care is SEK 130 per day. Hospital care is free for children below 18 years.

The fee for a hospital stay at emergency hospital emergency centre is SEK 400 for ages 18 to 84 years; SEK 120 for ages below 18 years, and SEK 0 for patients 85 years and more.

High-cost protection and free health card 

The maximum limit for patient charges is SEK 1 400 for out-patient health care for a 12 months period. After that, the patient receives a card for cost-free health care visits, valid in the whole country. The card does not cover: inpatient hospital care, non-appearance fees, certificates, vaccines, health examinations, etc.